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Who we are

We are a coaching program based in north and west london aimed at helping young people reach their potential in football. We are unique in our training methods in the way that we use a combination of futsal and outdoor training to develop our young players. We use futsal to develop childrens decision making and technique in small areas whilst using outdoor training to help develop our childrens physical capabilities and tactical understanding in match specific areas. Our methods have been developed over many years and we feel we are consistently improving in how we develop our young players and test them against the best whether that be in England in our academy fixtures or now abroad via one of our inte

Our staff have experienced working in and visiting some of worlds biggest and best football clubs/academies. Our coaching philosophy is built around our experiences with our own children and the best practices taken from clubs visited around the world!

Our coaching program has had massive success as you can see through our results which is why we feel that attending focus football is of great benefit to all children and young adults regardless of current ability levels as long as you have the passion to improve. Our coaching philosophy is built around providing all children with an environment where they can gain success but also be challenged. This is vital for all children whether you  are a beginner at Sunday league or looking to take the next step to a professional club. 


We hope to see you soon at one of our sessions...

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