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Our results

We have had fantastic results over the last 10 years assisting in both developing young players and providing them with the opportunity to enter professional football academies.

A large number of players currently in professional clubs now use our varied services to aid their child's development in addition to what their clubs provide.

We currently have many children playing football across academies in the UK with this number continuously growing season by season...more to come!

Testimonials / parents

“My son trained with Sean for two years, achieving a contract with Arsenal and we continue to use Sean for personal training sessions”

Jeremy Clarke


“At six my son was training with an average Sunday side, 18 months with Focus Football transformed him into a player who has been signed by Chelsea Football Club”

Frank Obeng


“My son hadn’t played for any team and within six months at Focus Football he has been training with West Ham”

Jackson Luwero


“Jack played for Sean from six to eight years old, and the overall training and life skills he received impressed me so much I have now enrolled my other son into September’s program”

Phil Adey.


“My son Anthony Dengo benefits hugely from Sean's input and expertise. It was through Sean's support we found the right academy (Watford FC) for Anthony to learn his football trade ~ every boy has a different type of profile ~ and he is now happily settled into The Hornets ready to start his second season with them. I continue to happily recommend Sean and Focus Football to any parent seeking the right guidance for their son's footballing development and future.”

Alan Merson


Testimonials / professionals

The methods used in the training are very similar to those used by professionals, but retain an element of fun and challenge for the kids.


“There’s been much talk about why grass-roots level training in the UK has failed us in the big international tournaments. I would hope that if the country embraced these training methods we’d be looking at quality players representing the home countries in the future.”


Shaun Batt

Focus Football - Training

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